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5 Benefits of a School Transport Tracking System 

School Transport

As summer comes to a close and a new school year approaches, it is time for back-to-school shopping, dusting off school uniforms and getting back to that school-year frame of mind. Yet for most parents, the scholastic year is also accompanied by concerns for their child’s safety which extends beyond the school grounds.

When considering the best school transport for your child, peace of mind is important and that’s exactly what our iRideToSchool tracking app offers. Whether you want to communicate with your child’s bus driver or would like to make sure that your child gets to school and back safely, our easy-to-use app grants you access to real-time information and much more. Read on for the full list of benefits of our school transport app!

1.   Free and User-Friendly App

We’ve made sure that our iRideToSchool app is very easy-to-use and accessible to all parents who book their child’s transport with us. Entirely free, just like our school transport services, our app is available for both Android and Apple devices. Once downloaded to your device, it takes mere minutes to log on, whilst the user-friendly interface guarantees that parents don’t need to be tech-savvy to make use of it.

2.   Real-Time Updates with GPS tracking

You will never have to wonder if your child has gotten to school safely, our school transport tracking system will let you know the moment the bus arrives at school and at your home! Using GPS tracking, you’ll receive real-time updates with precise information about where your child is during their trip.

Adverse conditions, like bad weather, unusually high traffic congestion, or mechanical faults can result in delays. To keep you updated on the day-to-day transport situation, our tracking app includes information regarding possible delays, route deviations, vehicle breakdowns or unscheduled stops, amongst other relevant information.

3.   Easy Access from Anywhere

The app can be installed on any smart device, whether that is your tablet or smartphone. This means you’ll be able to log on easily at any time and from any location, whether you’re at home, at work, or running errands. All you need is access to your phone and internet connectivity to check where your child is or to communicate with your child’s driver.

4.   Convenient Parent-Driver Communication

In case of an emergency or illness, you’ll be able to speak directly to the driver using the iRideToSchool app. The app eliminates the need for lengthy calls or relaying important messages through third parties. By creating a more efficient line of communication, you’ll feel more secure knowing that you may directly contact your child’s driver in mere seconds. Additionally, this communication goes both ways and the driver may contact the parents if any issues arise.

5.   Complete Transparency and Accountability

We have complete faith in our school transport system, and to inspire you with the same level of trust, we consistently maintain complete transparency through our tracking system.

The iRideToSchool app keeps you completely in the loop with real-time updates which inform you about traffic and weather conditions, and much more. Thanks to our full accountability policy and offering accurate insight to your child’s school commute, you’ll enjoy the tranquillity that comes with knowing that your child is safe and secure.

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Having virtual access to your child’s well-being allows you to rest easy by knowing precisely where your child is and that they’re safe from harm’s way.

Benefit from iRideToSchool’s excellent school transport service, which is provided to all non-state schools. You may easily book online, call us on 22996633 or else send us an email on booking@iridetoschool.mt to save your child’s spot for the next scholastic year.

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