Everything You Need to Know About the Free School Transport Scheme

free school transport

Every child deserves access to a good school transport system! Whether attending a state, church or independent school, school transport is an essential part of any child’s school life. In past years, students of non-state schools were obliged to invest in their own school transport, placing an extra financial burden on parents. To make it […]

iRideToSchool: Why It’s The Safest School Transportation in Malta

school transportation

Safety-first, that’s our motto! When choosing the right school transportation for your child, safety is always foremost on any parent’s list of priorities. From the chauffeur’s driving skills to the cleanliness of the vehicles, concern for your children’s well-being can understandably mount up. Fret not, at iRideToSchool we take every possible measure to ensure that, […]

5 Benefits of a School Transport Tracking System 

School Transport

As summer comes to a close and a new school year approaches, it is time for back-to-school shopping, dusting off school uniforms and getting back to that school-year frame of mind. Yet for most parents, the scholastic year is also accompanied by concerns for their child’s safety which extends beyond the school grounds. When considering […]