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Everything You Need to Know About the Free School Transport Scheme

free school transport

Every child deserves access to a good school transport system! Whether attending a state, church or independent school, school transport is an essential part of any child’s school life. In past years, students of non-state schools were obliged to invest in their own school transport, placing an extra financial burden on parents.

To make it easier for all, in September 2018 the government launched its Free School Transport initiative for students of church and independent schools. This scheme ensures that students of both state and non-state schools have equal access to a good transport service at no extra cost.

Want to learn more? Read on! This article covers all you need to know about this incredible scheme, and how you and your child can make the most of it this scholastic year!

Who Is Eligible For This Scheme?

This scheme accommodates all Maltese non-state school students whose home is located 1 kilometre or more away from their school. Any child that fits these requirements is eligible for free school transport throughout their school years.

Which Schools Does This Apply To?

This scheme applies to ALL non-state schools, whether these offer kindergarten, primary or secondary school education. Simply visit the iRideToSchool homepage for the full list of schools that we currently offer transport to or get in touch to open a new transport route to your child’s school.

How Do You Apply?

Applying for this scheme is incredibly easy. Parents or guardians may choose from one of two options; either apply at the school where the school transport organisers will make all of the necessary arrangements or else make direct contact with the transport providers.

Regardless, the parents or guardians will need to fill in and sign two official GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) documents at the start of each scholastic year. All fees are then paid for by the government, leaving parents and their children to enjoy a good school transport service without worrying about the financial burden.

How Does It Work?

Sounds too good to be true? In this case, this school transport service is both good and true!

iRideToSchool has signed an official agreement with the Ministry For Education (MFED) to offer a free school transport service to all non-state schools. Thanks to this scheme, clients are never subjected to hidden fees. Parents may rest easy knowing that this transport service is 100% free of charge and that the government directly covers the fee for all transport service providers on their behalf. 

So what do parents and guardians actually have to do? After filling in the forms, they will need to specify whether their children will need school transport in the morning or the afternoon, or if both trips are needed. Finally, the pick up and drop off points – as well as the precise times – are easily settled between the legal guardians and the transport providers for added convenience.

Book your Free School Transport With iRideToSchool

Searching for an established transport provider that is officially enrolled in this scheme? Look no further than iRideToSchool.

Experts in the transport industry with a trustworthy reputation, iRideToSchool provides a variety of benefits for both children and parents. Offering safe and secure school transport, a user-friendly tracking app for parents, back-up vans and drivers, and convenient pick up times – amongst others perks! – iRideToSchool is a transport service that you can rely on.

To save your child a spot, simply get in touch by booking online, calling us on 22996633 or sending us an email on booking@iridetoschool.mt.