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iRideToSchool: Why It’s The Safest School Transportation in Malta

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Safety-first, that’s our motto! When choosing the right school transportation for your child, safety is always foremost on any parent’s list of priorities. From the chauffeur’s driving skills to the cleanliness of the vehicles, concern for your children’s well-being can understandably mount up.

Fret not, at iRideToSchool we take every possible measure to ensure that, whilst under our care, your child remains secure and healthy. We’ve even gone the extra mile and provided added peace of mind for the parents so that all may rest easy this scholastic year. Itching for more information? Keep reading!

1.    Deep Cleaned Vehicles

In this day and age, we’re all conscious of the importance of good hygiene practices, especially when children are involved. This is why iRideToSchool takes your children’s health and safety very seriously and takes various steps to ensure it! Our vans are regularly deep-cleaned and sanitised, to provide a spotless and hygienic environment for your child, every single day.

2.    Regularly Serviced Vans

We are highly vigilant about the quality of the service we provide and do our utmost to make sure our vans are in tip-top shape. We leave nothing to chance and to prevent any last-minute issues and delays, we regularly have our vehicles serviced by professionals. Apart from ensuring our efficiency, this keeps your child safe and secure when using our school transportation service.

3.    Back-up Drivers and Vans

We leave absolutely nothing to chance. Always prepared for the unexpected, we have backup drivers and vans at the ready so that our transportation service runs smoothly and efficiently every single day.

This means you won’t have to worry about your child being late for school or even worse, having to miss the entire school day! Our tried-and-tested system makes on-time arrival a certainty you and your child can count on.

4.    Professional Chauffeurs

We pride ourselves on the professionality of our expert drivers. Each chauffeur has years of experience within the transportation industry and boasts superior driving skills. Your child’s safety is guaranteed thanks to our skilled drivers who carefully maintain safe speed levels at all times.

5.    A Tracking App for Peace-of-Mind

Last but not least, we’ve even created an easy-to-use parental tracking app for added convenience and peace of mind. Simply log onto the iRideToSchool app – available for both Android and Apple devices – for real-time tracking of your child’s whereabouts.

In case of an emergency or sickness, the app even allows parents to easily contact their child’s driver. With added convenience and transparency, you’ll never need to worry about your children as they make use of our free school transportation system.


Wondering how to start making use of our safe and efficient school transport for the next scholastic year? Book a space for your child using our convenient online booking system. Simply fill in the form and get in touch with us through the site if you have any questions. We look forward to welcoming your child onboard for this new scholastic year!